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OhioHealth Increased Case Length Accuracy by 20%
6% Increase in CLA
20% Total increase in CLA since prior to CLA go-live
70% Accuracy in case length predictions, within a 15-minute window


The only full-service adult hospital in downtown Columbus, OhioHealth’s Grant Medical Center (GMC) is nationally recognized for its delivery of quality trauma and surgical care, and performs 20,500 surgeries annually across its 29 ORs. 10 of these ORs belong to the GMC Bone and Joint Center, which performs 6,500 of these surgeries.

In performing so many cases in a busy setting while maintaining its high standard, GMC and the Bone and Joint Center in particular struggled with a number of operational challenges. 


  • 29 ORs in health system
  • 20,500 cases performed per year in health system
  • 10 ORs in GMC Bone and Joint Center
  • 6,500 cases performed per year in GMC Bone and Joint Center


Like many ORs, the center was subject to inefficient scheduling practices, staffing resource constraints that impeded scheduling even further, and poorly informed management of surgical block time due to data availability.

Specifically, when making surgical bookings, the center used surgeon requests as their reference point for case length times, which often did not account for the actual case time that would be required in practice. This practice led to highly inaccurate case times and surgeons booking well past their allotted blocks, causing staff burnout and excessive overtime. To mitigate this, the center started to use their EHR-provided case length averaging tool, which did increase their case length accuracy (CLA) somewhat. But the center still had further opportunity to achieve more precise CLA, as well as improve the OR scheduling process overall.


To improve scheduling efficiencies, the center went live with iQueue for Operating Rooms in September 2022. iQueue’s Exchange module supported a highly visible marketplace for OR time, allowing schedulers to release and claim time efficiently, and the Case Scheduling module helped fit cases more efficiently into the time available. To provide stronger data overall, the center also leveraged the Analyze module, so stakeholders could easily find and access reliable performance information, track trends and identify opportunities to grow.

Several months after the initial go-live, the center also decided to give clinics full visibility into how long their cases were truly taking, and to do so deployed iQueue’s CLA function. After the center requested this feature in December 2022, a tip sheet was sent to clinic schedulers informing them on the new field being added to their workflows, and LeanTaaS then implemented the CLA tool in January 2023. This immediately gave clinics even better insights into how much time their cases took, and also a clearer understanding of actual staffing needs in the OR.

Download the full iQueue for Operating Rooms case study booklet

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