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LeanTaaS and Becker’s Hospital Operations Virtual Summit to focus on transforming capacity optimization

Are you a healthcare leader looking to optimize capacity in your OR, inpatient beds or infusion center? Becker’s Healthcare has partnered with LeanTaaS to present the Transform Hospital Operations Virtual Summit, a two-day virtual event showcasing how hundreds of health systems across the US use AI and advanced analytics tools to transform their processes and create significant, lasting improvements in outcomes. LeanTaas’ solutions are reshaping the healthcare industry and transforming day-to-day operations across specialties. This event gives healthcare professionals an opportunity to understand how these applications are creating a new need.

Taking place online June 29 and June 30 (11-3pm CT), the Hospital Operations Virtual Summit will feature sessions from LeanTaaS leaders, health system executives and other industry SMEs. Most are tracked by facility type (Infusion Center, OR or Inpatient Beds) so attendees can hone in on the content most relevant to their specific roles.

The event kicks off with a keynote presentation from LeanTaaS founder and CEO Mohan Giridharadas,  “Perspectives on Optimizing Asset Utilization in Healthcare.” A co-author of the book Better Healthcare Through Math, he’ll share insights on how AI and predictive analytics is transforming how healthcare assets can be utilized – such as ORs, infusion chairs and in-patient beds – to better balance supply and demand and maximize ROI.

The keynote is followed by a Fireside Chat with LeanTaas President and COO Sanjeev Agrawal, Betty Jo Rocchio (Senior VP & CNO Mercy Health) and Christopher T. Spina (Senior VP, Mount Sinai). These experts will discuss why healthcare needs to focus on capacity management, and how existing tools like EHRs are not enough.

The first day agenda is rounded out with a trio of Health System Impact Stories on improving patient access and ROI from capacity management. Highlighting real-life case studies from infusion center, OR and inpatient healthcare settings, these are presented by healthcare leaders from Johns Hopkins Medicine, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center,  Rush University Medical Center, UCHealth and Novant Health Medical Park Hospital.

Day Two opens with Hospital Operations & Asset Utilization Roundtable Discussions. This private, invite-only, leadership interactive focus group discussion will feature top industry best practices and the future of Capacity Management. LeanTaaS has a unique perspective to share from its experience in working across 300+ hospitals.

Afternoon sessions led by LeanTaaS executives will present how their AI and predictive analytic solutions are changing healthcare capacity management at health systems all across the US. From Building Operational Resiliency; to Strategies in Capacity Management to Support Staff;  to “What’s New” overviews of LeanTaaS solutions, these sessions will inform attendees of the new product capabilities that they’re developing.

The past year has been historically disruptive for healthcare, and hospitals and health systems were especially hard hit. Effectively managing schedules and maximizing capacity in the OR, infusion centers and inpatient bed units has become more important than ever.

As an industry, healthcare can utilize predictive analytics tools to help providers manage these critical resources smoothly, efficiently and according to cutting-edge lean principles. Participate in this free virtual event to accelerate your organization’s capacity optimization initiatives.

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