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LeanTaaS Unveils New Product Enhancements to Strengthen Operational Insights

Enhancements will complement LeanTaaS’ new generative AI solution and further advance its iQueue product suite for operating rooms, infusion centers, and inpatient flow

SANTA CLARA, Calif. – June 7, 2023LeanTaaS, Inc., the market leader in providing AI-powered and SaaS-based capacity management, staffing, and patient flow software for health systems, today unveiled new product enhancements for all iQueue products aimed at improving operational efficiency, patient flow, and provider and patient experience. The announcement was made at LeanTaaS’ fifth hospital operations virtual summit, Transform, hosted in partnership with Becker’s Healthcare. This news comes on the heels of the company’s recent announcement of iQueue Autopilot, a first-of-its-kind, generative AI solution for hospital operations that will provide hospital leaders with human-like conversations and actionable insights to support decision-making for patient flow, scheduling, command center, block management, staffing, and other capacity management use cases across both inpatient and outpatient settings.

The product enhancements coupled with the launch of iQueue Autopilot is further validation that LeanTaaS remains on the leading-edge of solving the healthcare industry’s biggest challenges. LeanTaaS is pioneering the way by providing generative AI technology to hospital capacity operations. Integrated into its award-winning iQueue product suite, this new solution is bringing the company’s vision of  “air traffic control” for healthcare to life by managing patient flow and capacity optimization across the continuum of care on a single platform. 

“We have the engineering and innovation to quickly turn around and scale new product features and solutions that come as a direct result of listening and working with our deep roster of over 175 hospital partners on their desires to improve hospital operations,” said Sanjeev Agrawal, LeanTaaS President and COO. “We’re proud to continue evolving and embrace new technologies like generative AI, which will provide even more value to our customers and help them achieve their operational and financial goals.”  

With innovation and customer feedback at the forefront, LeanTaaS released new enhancements to help providers manage critical resources smoothly, efficiently, and according to cutting-edge lean principles. Product enhancements include:

New iQueue for Inpatient Flow Feature

  • Hardwired Capacity Management Protocols: Hospital leaders face significant challenges in activating and communicating capacity protocols (e.g. diversion) while evaluating their ongoing necessities, due to manual analysis, fragmented communication channels, and real-time monitoring complexities, leading to delayed patient care and strained resources. Leveraging real-time and AI-powered predictions, iQueue for Inpatient Flow dynamically identifies potential capacity challenges in alignment with each hospital’s unique protocols. By instantly notifying hospital leaders and suggesting specific actions, the technology enables swift orchestration of teams to tackle impending issues head-on. This new, AI-powered automation feature empowers hospitals with a single source of truth, allowing them to take proactive measures to mitigate capacity problems and reduce patient wait times. By optimizing the delicate balance between available capacity and patient demand, the Hardwired Capacity Management Protocol feature ensures an improved patient experience and enhanced operational efficiency.

Upcoming iQueue for Operating Rooms Features

  • Coming Soon – Case Coordination: Surgical delays and case cancellations pose significant challenges in operating room management, leading to decreased efficiency and patient, provider, and staff dissatisfaction. Currently, the lack of comprehensive visibility into the progress of scheduled cases, inefficient workflows, and inadequate collaboration tools contribute to these issues. iQueue for Operating Rooms is introducing Case Coordination, an innovative solution aimed at addressing these problems. By providing surgical teams, clinical staff, and other stakeholders with real-time visibility, automated workflows, and streamlined collaboration in a single platform, the solution will reduce surgical delays and minimize case cancellations, ultimately enhancing OR efficiency and improving patient outcomes. 
  • Coming Soon – Smart Match: LeanTaaS aims to maximize the utilization of staffed operating room time by streamlining the process of notifying clinic schedulers and other customer contacts about open time slots. With over 40% of staffed OR time often going unused, the objective is to minimize manual effort for schedulers while efficiently filling those vacant slots. The AI-powered Smart Match feature enables the advertisement of open time to clinic schedulers and customer contacts via email notifications. By delivering clear and informative emails containing all relevant information, the feature facilitates prompt and efficient alerts, allowing clinic schedulers to easily evaluate available slots and take necessary actions to optimize OR time utilization.

New iQueue for Infusion Centers Feature

  • Linked Arrivals Analytic: Infusion centers have upwards of 50% coupled appointments. Accurately predicting when a patient will arrive for their infusion and knowing the ideal gap between appointments to maximize on-time arrivals is crucial, but staff often lack necessary data points to keep the infusion center running smoothly. iQueue for Infusion Centers offers a new analytics tool to better understand coupled appointment trends and ensure a more predictable flow of patients. It allows staff to easily dig into coupled appointment patterns, overall or by day of week, as well as review the impact of these appointments on infusion operations. The tool highlights discrepancies between planned scheduled gaps and actual patient arrival patterns, increases the number of patients arriving on time to their infusion appointments, and clarifies the variance in scheduling gaps by physician. The Linked Arrivals Analytic keeps a pulse on infusion center trends and helps staff determine whether any action is needed by recommending the ideal scheduling gap to use by provider, day of week, and time of day to maximize on time arrivals.

To learn more about LeanTaaS and its three products, iQueue for Operating Rooms, iQueue for Infusion Centers and iQueue for Inpatient Flow, please visit https://leantaas.com/

About LeanTaaS

LeanTaaS provides software solutions that combine lean principles, predictive and prescriptive analytics, and machine learning to transform hospital and infusion center operations. The company’s software is being used by over 175 health systems across the nation, which rely on the iQueue cloud-based solutions to increase patient access, decrease wait times, reduce healthcare delivery costs, and improve revenue. LeanTaaS is headquartered in Santa Clara, CA with offices in Newton, MA and Charlotte, NC. For more information about LeanTaaS, please visit https://leantaas.com/, and connect on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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