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Breaking Throughput Barriers: An AI-Powered Approach to Improved Efficiency


Sharon Barincle
Sharon Barincle
Executive Director, Revenue Cycle, Springhill Medical Center


Healthcare organizations strive to enhance patient care while managing complexities and cost pressures. While leaders have optimized many processes, opportunities remain to drive further improvements. By implementing predictive analytics and AI solutions, forward-thinking providers are identifying new ways to boost operational performance.

In this session, Sharon Barincle, Executive Director, Revenue Cycle of Springhill Medical Center, will share her organization’s experience adopting these technologies. Learn how analytics enabled Springhill to:

  • Align coordinated care teams around precise discharge targets for proactive planning aligned with forecasted demands
  • Streamline discharges for patients going home, significantly reducing delays and optimizing length of stay
  • Expedite evaluation of outpatients in inpatient beds, reducing unnecessary prolonged stays and increasing capacity
  • Establish an effective communication mechanism between nursing, case management and administration for escalation of barriers impacting LOS and Discharge planning.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from Springhill’s experience using analytics to tackle operational challenges. Gain practical insights for elevating performance and care quality at your own organization.

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