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How NewYork-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital Ambulatory Infusion Center Leveraged iQueue Data To Grow Into a New Space and Serve 28% More Patients


Andrew Graham
Andrew Graham DNP, RN, PCCN
Director - Outpatient Oncology and Infusion NewYork-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital


Park Slope-based Brooklyn Methodist Hospital (Methodist) Ambulatory Infusion Center is newly integrated within the NewYork-Presbyterian system. In 2021, to expand its footprint of quality patient care in the community, Methodist opened a new 35-chair infusion center to supplement its original 16-chair site. Leaders and staff had to rapidly redefine success in a much larger space, and transform their day-to-day work to support level loaded schedules and safe nurse-patient ratios – in the midst of the Omicron variant of COVID.  

Brooklyn Methodist was already encountering multiple operational challenges, including an EHR transition that challenged workflows and peaky utilization that impacted team engagement/satisfaction and patient satisfaction. To address these while also using data to maximize staffing and chair resources to grow into a new space, Brooklyn Methodist deployed LeanTaaS’ AI solution iQueue for Infusion Centers to address these challenges and support their growth and efficiency goals. By partnering with LeanTaaS and the iQueue team, they were able to leverage data to open new infusion chairs and hire new nurses in a sustainable way. 

In this session, the Director of Oncology and Infusion at Brooklyn Methodist discusses the importance of change management in adopting a transformative technology solution like iQueue, including by socializing the solution to all stakeholders initially, seeking constant feedback and communication throughout the organization during implementation, and leveraging data for learnings going forward. 

Viewers of this webinar will be able to: 

  • Explain how the operational challenges faced by crowded infusion centers can be alleviated with technology 
  • Describe how iQueue’s data-driven scheduling helped Brooklyn Methodist maximize resources and supported sustainable growth 
  • Apply organizational change management principles to successfully adopt a technology solution like iQueue


28% increase in completed patient volume
33% increase in number of chair turns per day
Decreased nurse burnout, higher staff retention
As we’re expanding, iQueue helps leadership better understand the phase in process, as well as the target numbers...Now, rather than applying anecdotal data, leadership has that overall data to help us move in the right direction…having that within the iQueue dashboard is tremendously helpful.
Andrew Graham DNP, RN, PCCN-K
Director – Outpatient Oncology and Infusion, NewYork-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital

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