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How St. Mary’s Medical Center Rebalanced Infusion Scheduling and Increased Nurse Productivity with iQueue in 7 Weeks


Kevin Dryanski, MBA
Kevin Dryanski, MBA
Director, Oncology Service Line & Laboratory & Blood Bank SCL Health St. Mary's Medical Center
Autumn Clark, BSN, RN, OCN
Autumn Clark, BSN, RN, OCN
Clinical Nurse Manager Cancer Center and Infusion Services, SCL Health St. Mary's Medical Center
Vanessa Sprang, BSN, RN
Vanessa Sprang, BSN, RN
Clinical Nurse Manager & Business Manager Cancer Center and Infusion Services, SCL Health St. Mary's Medical Center


St. Mary’s Medical Center has delivered comprehensive care to patients in western Colorado and eastern Utah for over a century, and St. Mary’s Cancer Center maintains an especially high standard of care. Infusion scheduling and capacity challenges, however, were consistently disrupting the quality experience that St. Mary Medical Center strove to provide to both patients and nurses.  

The center grappled with unbalanced and inefficient infusion scheduling, uneven chair utilization that led to untapped capacity they could not easily access, and a pressing need for more physical space to accommodate patient demand. If they could not find operational solutions to unlock further capacity in the infusion space they already had, then St. Mary’s Medical Center would need to request a $4-5 million dollar expansion of the space. 

Join three infusion leaders from St. Mary’s Medical Center as they discuss finding and deploying a technology solution to help meet their operational goals, which could be implemented in a matter of weeks without placing a drain on existing IT resources. When they adopted LeanTaaS’ AI-powered iQueue for Infusion Centers technology, the center worked closely with the LeanTaaS team to rapidly implement the solution and bring it to full functionality. In doing so St. Mary’s Medical Center swiftly addressed their scheduling and capacity pain points, yielding results in just seven weeks and delaying the clinic’s costly planned physical expansion. 

Viewers of this webinar will be able to: 

  • Identify the common root causes of capacity bottlenecks in infusion centers 
  • Explain how these causes can be addressed with the application of advanced analytics, to open further capacity
  • Describe how to implement a light-lift IT solution for the swiftest results


8%Patient volume growth without adding resources or creating unsafe nurse-to-patient ratios
1.3Additional appointments per nurse
5Minute patient wait times
We as a team can’t say enough about our partnership with LeanTaaS and the support we’ve gotten from them...They listened very closely to what our needs were, then on the technical side… LeanTaaS helped us bridge that communication gap…when we were working on the back end of our EMR, those teams understood each other.”
Vanessa Sprang, BSN, RN
Clinical Nurse Manager & Business Manager, Cancer Center and Infusion Services, SCL Health St. Mary’s Medical Center

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