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Unlock Capacity at Your Infusion Center

It is possible to expand your infusion center operations without the associated high cost and large time commitment around physical expansions. iQueue for Infusion Centers can help unlock existing capacity by optimizing chair utilization, level-loading appointments and reducing bottlenecks.

Over 300 infusion centers are seeing 25% reduction in patient wait times, 10% improvement in labor costs, 50% lower overtime hours, 25% improvement in nurse satisfaction while experiencing an annual impact of $15-20K per chair per year.

Increase in Average volumes on slowest day of the week

MSK was struggling to better predict and plan for the extreme variability in operational workflows of their high volume infusion units which are distributed in New York City and the surrounding suburban areas.

Higher Patient Volumes

New York-Presbyterian was looking to reduce patient wait times and continuously maximize patient flow and chair utilization.

Higher Patient Volumes

UC Health was experiencing a triangular usage profile that resulted in excess capacity in the mornings and evenings and peaks at mid-day.

Increase in Patient Volumes

Penn Medicine’s Abramson Cancer Center Infusion Suite was experiencing a history of patient and staff dissatisfaction with long wait times.

Better Schedule Management

Scheduling with Spreadsheets + EHRs

A mix of unpredictable treatment durations and patient volume leads to scheduling bottlenecks with gaps of open chairs.

These kind of scheduling practices are like trying to solve a jigsaw puzzle by accepting pieces in random order, placing them on the table and then never moving them. The triangular shape causes gridlock and missed lunch breaks for nurses.                                                                                                     

Midday peaks

Overburdened nursing staff

High patient wait times

Inefficient chair utilization

iQueue for Infusion Centers

Predicting duration and volume leveraging Machine Learning achieves optimal chair utilization and a level-loaded infusion schedule.

An optimized schedule fits as many appointments as possible into the most appropriate slots while managing “shocks to the system” – add-ons, no-shows and cancellations. The trapezoidal shape illustrates a smooth day of operations.                                                                                                        

Balance workloads and improve nurse-to-patient ratios

Improve nurse and patient satisfaction

Access more capacity to accommodate growth

Reduce bottlenecks and patient wait times

iQueue for Infusion Centers

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