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Leveraging KU Cancer Center Lean Management System to Deploy iQueue for Infusion Centers to Alleviate Pain Points 80% Faster


Adam Neiberger, MPH
Adam Neiberger, MPH
Quality & Performance Improvement Manager University of Kansas Cancer Center


The University of Kansas Cancer Center (KU Cancer Center) is a National Cancer Institute-designated comprehensive cancer center providing infusion services to 13,000 patients annually at six locations. KU Cancer Center adopted a lean methodology in 2015 and maintains this approach to continually expand its scope and quality toward full cancer center optimization. In 2019, the cancer center directed its lean principles toward optimizing its large infusion value stream, and began to implement LeanTaaS’ AI-powered technology solution iQueue for Infusion Centers to further support this initiative.  

In this session, KU Cancer Center’s Quality and Performance Improvement Manager describes how his team was able to implement the iQueue for Infusion Centers software by leveraging the lean management system the health system had previously established. This enabled the cancer center to significantly lower the time of iQueue deployment, more quickly meeting additional patient demands, flattening midday peaks, and reducing patient wait times.

Learn how KU Cancer Center’s lean management system and iQueue for Infusion Centers’ data connected the organization’s objectives with the process improvements happening at the front line and ultimately benefited the patient.

Viewers of this webinar will be able to: 

  • Explain how the iQueue for Infusion Centers software can improve infusion center operations, including reducing wait times and managing patient demand
  • Describe the benefits of using a lean management system in healthcare organizations, including how it can help connect organizational objectives with process improvements at the front line
  • Analyze how the implementation of iQueue for Infusion Centers and the use of a lean management system contributed to KU Cancer Center’s ability to reduce deployment time, flatten midday peaks, and ultimately improve the patient experience


80%Reduction in time to implement iQueue for Infusion Centers
95%Average scheduling template compliance rate across all sites, from a goal of 80-85%
90%Scheduling template utilization rate, meaning templates were almost filled by completed patient visits
The capacity analysis really helps demonstrate that not only is this frontline work of scheduling and adhering to that template, but we are increasing that capacity and volume. We can show leadership we’re seeing these additional patients, and we need those additional resources for even more patients as our clinics grow.
Adam Neiberger, MPH
Quality & Performance Improvement Manager, University of Kansas Cancer Center

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