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Infusion center capacity challenges

Infusion centers struggle with unique operational challenges, like managing patient appointments linked to clinics, labs, and pharmacies, retaining specialized nurses, and rising patient demand. This often leads to volatile workloads in which resources may be both under- and overutilized in the course of a single day, every day. Traditional methods like grid-based scheduling and first-call-first-scheduled don’t work. Plus, there are incredible intricacies to scheduling linked appointments that manual processes can’t address.

iQueue for Infusion Centers leverages machine learning and predictive and prescriptive analytics to address operational challenges and flag future problems for preventive action.

It’s trusted by the leaders in cancer care, including 80% of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network and 60% of National Cancer Institute members, to help them treat more patients faster.

How iQueue for Infusion Centers helps

Reduce infusion patient wait times

Manage the day before it unfolds or look 4 weeks ahead with huddle reports that include expected chair utilization, template compliance, and over/under-booking estimations to manage unforeseen bottlenecks, add-ons, and no shows.


Optimize scheduling with custom templates based on your historical data and unique infusion center goals to maximize patient access, accommodate linked appointments, decrease wait times, and level load the day.


Manage and predict appointments and staffing needs with real-time insights to avoid the “midday chaos”, missed lunches, and excessive overtime that leads to burnout and dissatisfaction.


Improve capacity management and eliminate manual administrative tasks with automated, intelligent reports that help staff monitor performance goals, make proactive decisions, and quickly spot operational issues that need attention.


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