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Critical Components of OR Performance: How The University of Kansas Health System Built Stakeholder Engagement with Credible Data to Increase Block Utilization by 11%


Megan Eubanks, MBA
Megan Eubanks, MBA
Senior Director of Business Operations, Perioperative and Procedural Services The University of Kansas Health System
Ashley Walsh 2022
Ashley Walsh, MHA
SVP, Client Services, Operating Rooms & Inpatient Beds LeanTaaS


Hospital and perioperative leaders often find it frustrating to have difficult conversations with surgeons about block allocation and utilization, particularly when the data is not defensible and when surgeons can take their cases to other organizations. It is also challenging for leaders to decide how much time and flexibility they can afford to give new surgeons to grow their practice without tying up potentially underutilized time. 

How can an organization establish a more effective, less stressful program for managing and optimizing the operating room schedule – particularly given today’s challenging environment of constrained nursing and anesthesia resources?

Join The University of Kansas Health System’s (TUKHS) Senior Director of Business Operations, Perioperative and Procedural Services to learn about one health system’s experience successfully creating an effective block management system. Learn how by leveraging the data made available by LeanTaaS’ AI-powered iQueue for Operating Rooms, TUKHS was able to transform their approach to block management, proceeding without a block committee and delivering decision making power to service chairs. TUKHS achieved notable utilization results in less than a year’s time. 

Viewers of this webinar will be able to: 

  • Define the characteristics of an effective block management system
  • Identify ways to break through historical barriers in order to confidently make quicker block allocation decisions
  • Explain why, even after a significant EHR investment, hospitals still need to invest in data management systems, particularly for the operating room


11%Increase in block utilization
3%Increase in prime time utilization
98%More manual releases/transfers of time before the auto-release deadlines
We were able to increase overall block utilization by 11%, prime time by 3%, overall volume by 8%. And that's with a 7% reduction in available rooms. That just indicates that we're using our space a lot better, which is very important. Then a staggering 98% of proactive releases or transfers of time, which is vital to access to the OR.
Megan Eubanks
Senior Director of Business Operations, Perioperative and Procedural Services, The University of Kansas Health System

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