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Unlocking Your ORs' Potential: Lexington Medical Center Deploys Data-Driven Strategies for Maximizing Efficiency, Easing Staff Challenges, and Achieving a 6% Increase in Block Utilization


OR Impact Story 2_Jay_Hamm_Lexington-min
Jay Hamm, RN, FACHE
Vice President, Operations, Lexington Medical Center
OR Impact Story 2_Tim_Fitzgerald_Lexington-min
Timothy Fitzgerald, MHA, FACHE
Assistant Vice President, Perioperative Services, Lexington Medical Center
OR Impact Story 2_Karen_Tisdale_Lexington-min
Karen Tisdale
Manager, Performance Analytics Lexington Medical Center


Hospitals and health systems today face unprecedented challenges, such as staffing shortages and increasing demand for treatment, with fewer resources available. Perioperative leaders are struggling to balance available resources like staffing and equipment with the demand for additional operating room time. Furthermore, low block utilization, lack of visibility into open OR time, and mistrust in operational data are compounding challenges and making it difficult to achieve strategic initiatives.

To unlock the full potential of operating rooms, transform perioperative operations, and achieve sustainable results, organizations are increasingly leveraging the power of predictive and prescriptive analytics to access real-time data and make better-informed operational decisions. The South Carolina-based Lexington Medical Center’s Vice President of Operations, Assistant Vice President of Perioperative Service, and Manager of Performance Analytics have embarked on a journey to address universal perioperative operational challenges. By adopting data-driven strategies, made possible by LeanTaaS AI-driven iQueue for Operating Rooms, they have been able to break through historical barriers of low block utilization and lack of open OR time and to notably do more with less. 

In this discussion, the Lexington Medical Center’s team shares their journey and insights on how they achieved impressive results, such as optimizing staffing and increasing OR utilization through surgeon engagement and collaboration. Join us to learn about Lexington Medical Center’s journey to date, and where they are headed next.

Viewers of this webinar will be able to: 

  • Explain the challenges that present when perioperative leaders lack access to visible, credible data during the operation decision-making process
  • Understand the value of adopting a culture of data-driven decision making in the perioperative setting
  • Describe how perioperative leaders are leveraging predictive and prescriptive analytics to reduce staffing challenge


6% Increase in block utilization
4%Increase in prime time utilization
8%Increase in robot utilization
210%Increase in released minutes
iQueue for Operating Rooms helped us make tough decisions around block time allocation…as well as moving a significant amount of volume to our outpatient surgery centers. What has been especially encouraging has been the change in culture… our practice leaders and surgeons are owning the improvement of OR block utilization and improved use of resources.
Timothy Fitzgerald MHA, FACHE
Assistant Vice President, Perioperative Services, Lexington Medical Center

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