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How Cone Health Utilized Predictive Analytics to Reduce Appointments Running Beyond Operating Hours by 80%


Melanie R
Melanie Rodgers, RN, MSN, CPN, BRMP
Assistant Director of Nursing for Oncology Services at Drawbridge and Wesley Long Cancer Center, Cone Health


Cone Health implemented iQueue’s predictive analytics solution for their infusion centers in 2019, delivering impressive results – an 8% increase in daily completed volumes, 25% decrease in average infusion wait times, and a 78% reduction in appointments running past closing time – all achieved with existing resources. When faced with a nursing shortage in 2022, iQueue’s AI-driven templates enabled Cone to maximize patient access by 11% while respecting reduced nursing resources.

Learn how predictive analytics empowered Cone to enhance patient experience, reduce costs through optimized scheduling, and efficiently allocate constrained staffing resources during challenging times.

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