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How SSM Health Used AI to Navigate Operational Shockwaves with Agility and Achieve an 18% Increase in Patient Volumes


Shannon Veltrop
Shannon Veltrop, MHA
Administrator, Oncology Outpatient Operations, SSM Health
Melanie Maze
Melanie Maze
Director of Clinical Services, SSM Health


The St. Louis-headquartered SSM Health faced several challenges in its six infusion sites, including unpredictable patient volumes caused by waves of COVID-19 and with major construction that constrained daily operations. The infusion centers, part of SSM Health Cancer Center, also struggled with extremely busy morning rushes followed by slow afternoons that left chairs unused and nursing workloads imbalanced.

To address these challenges, SSM Cancer Center implemented LeanTaaS’ AI-powered technology solution iQueue for Infusion Centers at four SSM Cancer Center infusion sites, beginning in 2019 and continuing throughout the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and the ensuing surges. 

In this session, the Director of Clinical Services at SSM Health explains how the organization adapted iQueue to meet not only the existing operational challenges but the compounding factors of the pandemic. With iQueue, SSM Cancer Center saw significant improvement in their operational agility, patient volumes and afternoon appointment utilization, including maintaining appointment availability across the health system despite closing several chairs for construction and social distancing. 

Viewers of this webinar will be able to:

  • Understand the operational challenges faced by SSM Health’s infusion centers during both the pandemic and major construction, and then subsequently the impact of these challenges on patient care and staff workload
  • Explain how iQueue for Infusion Centers was implemented at four SSM cancer centers, and the ways in which this technology helped to improve operational agility, patient volumes, and appointment utilization.
  • Discover the key results achieved by SSM Health following the implementation of iQueue for Infusion Centers, including an increase in patient volume without adding chairs, a reduction in wait times for infusion and drugs, and improved afternoon chair utilization


18%Increase in patient volumes
44%Decrease in wait times for chair access at the scheduled appointment time
25%Decrease in wait times for drugs from pharmacy
We were able to utilize afternoon hours more efficiently, allowing staff break and lunch times…nurses now chart on time, completing all their documentation by patient discharge and are ready for the next patient at the scheduled appointment time, patients were no longer waiting for chairs...and spent less time in the clinic
Melanie Maze
Director of Clinical Services, SSM Health

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