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KLAS Research Insight: Characteristics of an Infusion Center Technology Partner with a 92.5 Satisfaction Score


Niel Oscarson
Niel Oscarson
Research Director, KLAS Research
Ashley Joseph, MBA
VP, Client Services, Infusion LeanTaaS


Resource constraints, variable patient demand, and an ongoing workforce shortage make it difficult for infusion centers to effectively manage their operations. This can lead to unpredictable workloads and appointment schedules, in which chairs and nurses may be both under- and overutilized each day. Infusion center leaders must adopt effective technology solutions to help optimize scheduling templates, level load daily appointments, and take preventive action against future problem days. 

With many solutions on the market and buzz around emerging technologies like AI, infusion centers may be challenged to find technology of value, and to decide what to create in-house vs. where to partner with outside experts. 

In this session, Ashley Joseph, Vice President of Client Services at LeanTaaS (iQueue for Infusion Centers) covers the root causes of operational challenges at infusion centers and how AI technology helps address them. Niel Oscarson, Research Director at KLAS Research, discusses the mission of helping healthcare organizations find truly valuable technology services and solutions, and the KLAS Research report that shows LeanTaaS’ strong impact on infusion customers. 

Learn why customers view LeanTaaS as a critical partner in improving operations in infusion settings, and how the AI-powered iQueue for Infusion Centers helps achieve outcomes like decreased wait times, increased patient volumes, optimized scheduling, and reduced staff overtime. 

Viewers of this webinar will be able to: 

  • Explain the causes of common operational challenges faced by infusion centers including resource constraints, variable demand, and workforce shortages
  • Examine how the right AI technology can help infusion centers optimize scheduling templates and level load daily appointments
  • Assess the value of partnering with solutions like LeanTaaS’ iQueue for Infusion Centers to improve utilization, reduce costs, and enhance the experience for nurses and patients


92.9/100 overall satisfaction score from iQueue for Infusion Center customers, compared to an 80.9 average rating for other KLAS-rated software
100% of customer KLAS survey respondents are satisfied and said iQueue for Infusion Centers is part of their long-term plans
100% of customers say that LeanTaaS “keeps all promises”
LeanTaaS is there for us as much as we want them to be. That is one of their key strengths. If we ask them to, the vendor will come on-site and tweak as much of the system as we want. If we get a template that doesn’t work, the vendor will change that template for us. LeanTaaS is phenomenal about things like that.
LeanTaaS Customer/KLAS Survey Respondent

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