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Nurses Deserve More Autonomy: Use Better Math to Optimize Staffing at Infusion Centers


Ashley Joseph
VP, Client Services - Infusion Centers, LeanTaaS


Many infusion centers currently assign nurses to patients using a “push” system, where the day’s schedules are grouped with designated nurses before the day begins. While this gives the perception that each nurse has a relatively short and manageable queue of patients, it also creates unavoidable bottlenecks when a single patient arrives late or appointments take longer than expected. 

Alternately, in a “pull” system, nurses may choose patients to take for their infusion appointments as they arrive. While the queue of patients appears longer under this system, it also moves faster. Nurses can avoid patient bottlenecks and only take patients when they have the bandwidth. 

While many infusion managers have valid concerns about moving from a “push” to a “pull” system, the “pull” system promises to overcome common infusion scheduling roadblocks and yield powerful results. When implemented correctly, the “pull” system functions so that nurses, who have a diverse range of preferences for workflows and appointment types, can choose what they enjoy the most and perform the best. They can take breaks and finish their shifts on time, while patients also get seated for their appointments and treated more quickly. 

In this presentation, LeanTaaS’ Ashley Joseph, Vice President of Client Services (iQueue for Infusion Centers) draws on her expertise in strategic service operations to explain why the “pull” system is the best infusion center staffing model. describe the best infusion center staffing model.

VIewers of this webinar will be able to: 

  • Understand the fundamental challenges of an infusion nurse “push” system, in infusion centers as well as other settings such as retail  
  • Identify the benefits of a “pull” system to promoting predictable and efficient infusion scheduling
  • Create a shift in perception on the necessity of changing the infusion center’s scheduling approach to transform infusion operations


Ability to manage late or extended appointments without disrupting the full schedule.
Allows nurses to schedule their day by their preferred tasks or procedures.
Manages a greater volume of patients in a shorter timeframe.
The ‘pull system’ is met with wariness, but actually is a miracle – for nurses, admin, patients, everyone involved. Think of a new approach to your operations overall. Done right, I promise it’s the best change ever made to your infusion center.
Ashley Joseph
VP, Client Services - Infusion Centers, LeanTaaS

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