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The Ties That Bind: Untangling the Linkage Between Clinics & Infusion


Obehi Ukpebor, Director of Customer Success, LeanTaaS
Obehi Ukpebor
Director of Product Management, iQueue for Infusion Centers LeanTaaS


In the world of oncology, matching patient demand to supply can be a challenging task, particularly in the infusion and clinic scheduling process. This complex process involves coordinating not only the infusion and clinic schedules but also other interconnected departments such as lab and radiology. By using historical demand patterns and coupled appointment arrival times, healthcare providers can improve their scheduling strategies to ensure patients receive timely and efficient care.

The key to successfully matching patient demand to supply is to optimize the scheduling process. This involves utilizing data analytics tools to identify patterns and trends in patient arrivals and applying these insights to develop scheduling guidelines. By implementing these guidelines and closely monitoring their effectiveness, healthcare providers can ensure a more predictable flow of patients and optimize the utilization of resources such as chairs and nursing staff. With the help of technology and data-driven insights, healthcare providers can improve patient satisfaction and outcomes while maximizing operational efficiency.

In this session, LeanTaaS’ Director of Product Management for iQueue for Infusion Centers explains how this AI-powered solution supports infusion centers in linking appointments to the best benefit of the organization, the nursing staff, and the patients.

Viewers of this webinar will be able to: 

  • Understand the challenges of pairing infusion and clinic scheduling and the importance of matching patient demand to supply
  • Learn how iQueue’s scheduling algorithm can optimize templates and scheduling decisions using historical demand patterns and coupled appointment data
  • Develop strategies for maximizing on-time arrivals to infusion, minimizing wait times, and identifying the right slots to book the right patients to improve chair utilization metrics and nursing experience


Can monitor trends in wait times for coupled vs. uncoupled appointments to ensure a consistent experience across all patients
Ability to move unlinked appointments away from peak hours, leveling the load across the day
Ensure all appointments are scheduled with the proper gaps to avoid delays
A high powered, AI-based analytics tool to build optimal scheduling templates, which a center’s staff can customize with peak/non-peak considerations and booking windows, provides the most solid foundation for better infusion scheduling.
Obehi Ukpebor
Director of Customer Success, LeanTaaS

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