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How healthcare leaders collaborate and innovate with technology partners

In my time as a healthcare leader, and today as part of a technology team, I have been excited to notice partnerships between healthcare and tech organizations both increase in number and expand in scope. Health systems, more than ever, are learning to trust and rely on best-of-industry tools to amplify the expertise and best […]

Why healthcare is ready for generative AI – and generative AI is ready for healthcare

The past few years, wrought with challenges, have led to increased innovation and adaptation in healthcare technology. Health systems rapidly leveraged technology to meet safety standards during COVID, digitized care delivery where possible, and optimized capacity when increased constraints made efficiency critical to preserving financial solvency and patient access. In doing so they also developed […]

Leading the healthcare AI revolution: a letter from the LeanTaaS CEO

When I was growing up in India, my family installed a landline in our home. The lead time between starting the process and installing the phone was four years. We were the fortunate ones, as many of our friends waited even longer.  Due to this lengthy lead time, many households in India never installed landlines […]

Understanding the impact of AI in Healthcare at LeanTaaS’ Transform Hospital Operations Virtual Summit

Calling all hospital and health system leaders looking to utilize artificial intelligence (AI) to better your operations. Mark your calendar for June 6-7, 2023, and get ready to optimize your hospital performance with AI at LeanTaaS’s fifth Transform Hospital Operations Virtual Summit.  Hosted in partnership with Becker’s Healthcare, the fifth Transform Hospital Operations Virtual Summit […]

Baptist Medical Center South Increased OR Block Utilization by 11%

Baptist Health is a nonprofit, mission-driven healthcare system in the greater Jacksonville, Florida area. The system comprises five Magnet-designated hospitals that include 74 operating rooms (ORs) and 14 endoscopy suites. Baptist Health Medical Center South, opened in 2005, includes 11 ORs and is consistently recognized both regionally and nationally for providing high-quality patient care. When […]

3 key change management lessons from deploying AI technology to optimize cancer centers

At the Transform Virtual Hospital Operations Summit in December 2022, Andrew Graham DNP, RN, PCCN-K, Director – Outpatient Oncology and Infusion, NewYork-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital, and Adam Neiberger, MPH, Quality & Performance Improvement Manager, University of Kansas Cancer Center, each discussed their organization’s deployment of Queue for Infusion Centers to achieve cancer center optimization.  When AI […]

LeanTaaS is growing care access, and ourselves: reflecting on achievements and awards for healthcare AI in 2022

2022 generated unprecedented milestones and achievements for LeanTaaS. We wish to celebrate what our team – customers, employees, and stakeholders – has accomplished together. Our healthcare system partners continue to leverage our analytics-based iQueue solutions, powered by machine learning and AI, to unlock much-needed unused asset capacity at a time when many resources are scarce. […]

Top 7 reasons to co-implement iQueue for Infusion Centers alongside a new EHR

Transitioning to a new EHR is a challenging and lengthy process for a healthcare system. Given the scope of this undertaking and the high cost of a new EHR purchase, healthcare organizations typically make this investment for essential reasons and with express goals. These could involve simplifying existing technical infrastructure by combining multiple platforms, improving […]

Embracing AI, the new frontier in healthcare: a conversation with Novant Health’s EVP & CMSO, Eric Eskioğlu, MD, MBA and LeanTaaS CEO Mohan Giridharadas

LeanTaaS’ founder and Chief Executive Officer Mohan Giridharadas and Eric Eskioğlu, MD, MBA, Neurosurgeon, then Executive Vice President, Chief Medical & Scientific Officer and Co-Director, Institute of Innovation and Artificial Intelligence, Novant Health came together at the June 2022 Transform Hospital Operations Summit in partnership with Becker’s. The two leaders discussed how Novant Health has learned to […]