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LeanTaaS is growing care access, and ourselves: reflecting on achievements and awards for healthcare AI in 2022

  • Ashley Joseph
    Ashley Joseph

    Vice President, Client Services - Infusion Centers at LeanTaaS

  • Ashley Walsh, MHA
    Ashley Walsh, MHA

    SVP, Client Services, iQueue for Operating Rooms & Inpatient Flow

2022 generated unprecedented milestones and achievements for LeanTaaS. We wish to celebrate what our team – customers, employees, and stakeholders – has accomplished together. Our healthcare system partners continue to leverage our analytics-based iQueue solutions, powered by machine learning and AI, to unlock much-needed unused asset capacity at a time when many resources are scarce. In doing so, they often simultaneously realize significant increases in revenue and patient access. Meanwhile LeanTaaS as a company has expanded its scope and been recognized many times by thought leaders of the healthcare industry.

We thank both our partners and our team for their invaluable contributions to our collective success, and look forward to continuing our journey together using iQueue to expand healthcare access during a critical time. Through the contributions of our healthcare providers, technology leaders, and other experts across all our functions, this is what we have achieved, and we will continue realizing our vision in 2023 and in the years to come.

LeanTaaS now and in the future

Our existing iQueue solutions operate on best-in-industry analytic platforms that work with healthcare systems to : 

Our ultimate long-term vision is to be the “Air Traffic Control” system of a hospital, to direct patient flow throughout the whole healthcare system while unlocking capacity and enabling cost-effective growth for the organization. Beyond our current solution focuses, we plan to continue diving deep into operational workflows and constraints associated with each individual type of healthcare asset, until the entire health system is connected as one smoothly-running organism. 

Growth milestones: expanding the reach of AI healthcare analytics

  • In June 2022, Bain Capital Private Equity acquired a stake in LeanTaaS. This considerable growth capital investment will fuel our continued development and let us rapidly innovate our iQueue solutions to both serve more health systems and remove further care capacity pain points with accuracy.
  • US News & World Report listed the Top 100 Cancer Hospitals in the US; 57 of these are users of our flagship iQueue for Infusion Centers solution, which reliably optimizes infusion operations for better nurse workdays, shorter patient wait times, and more efficient use of infusion chairs and space. iQueue covers over 20% of the total infusion chairs in the US market and is used by over 80% of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network and nearly 60% of National Cancer Institute-Designated Cancer Centers.
  • iQueue for Operating Rooms expanded to over 50 customers, and continued to show notable results. The University of Kansas Health System, for example, achieved a new record of case volume, growing by 8% despite a 7% reduction in OR capacity due to ongoing construction.
  • Our fastest growing product, iQueue for Inpatient Flow, has already shown significant outcomes in streamlining patient flow and expanding usable bed capacity in hospitals, contributing to our vision of a full “air traffic control” throughout the health system.
  • NewsWeek released a list of the World’s Best Smart Hospitals for 2023, ranking those best positioned to use technology to transform care delivery. One third of the list are LeanTaaS customers. 

All these milestones represent an enormous confidence and excitement in what healthcare systems can achieve using AI. Further, the recognitions LeanTaaS has earned in recent months reflect our proven expansion as a company. 

Recognitions and awards: celebrating the success and potential of healthcare in AI

  • The 2022 Big Awards for Business honored the entire iQueue product suite in the “New Product of the Year” category, and our Gartner case study with key customer Baptist Health won the “Case Study of the Year” category. This program represents global recognition by panels of business veterans and leaders.
  • Deloitte’s 2022 Technology Fast 500™ awards recognized LeanTaaS as the 83rd fastest-growing healthcare and life sciences company, a top 100 company in the Bay Area, and number 399 overall on its list. LeanTaaS grew 327% during the three-year evaluation period.
  • KLAS Research released two Spotlight Reports, which shared unfiltered feedback from iQueue for Operating Rooms and Infusion Center customers. Both were overwhelmingly positive. In the iQueue for Operating Rooms report, surveyed customers cited iQueue’s short implementation times, noticeable results in their first six months of use, and LeanTaaS’ willingness to partner for innovation as reasons the product’s performance exceeded their expectations. The iQueue for Infusion Centers report similarly showed universal customer satisfaction with their investment, LeanTaaS’ reliability as a partner, and iQueue’s role in optimizing infusion schedules now and in the future. Both products rank among the highest-rated products that KLAS has ever measured.
  • Inc 5000 named LeanTaaS as one of the 5000 fastest-growing companies in America, a list featuring independent businesses of all sectors who achieved significant revenue growth from 2018 to 2021. Many high-profile companies like Microsoft, Facebook, and Patagonia first saw national exposure on this list. LeanTaaS ranks #1861 on the total list, #116 of healthcare companies, and #291 of companies in California.
  • The Healthcare Technology Report included LeanTaaS in its list of the Top 100 Healthcare Technology Companies of 2022. Companies on the list encompass a diverse range of scopes, sizes, and areas of expertise in health, technology, and care delivery. But all measurably improve the lives of patients and are positioned to move the discipline of healthcare into the future.  LeanTaaS is featured in the Top 20 in the highly competitive Software & Data Segment.
  • The sixth annual MedTech Breakthrough Awards honored LeanTaaS with the Clinical Efficiency Innovation Award, a category highlighting ‘breakthrough’ systems and solutions that help users achieve higher levels of performance outcomes and output relative to the inputs, like resources, time, and money consumed. MedTech Breakthrough recognizes the top companies, technologies, and products in the global health and medical technology market.
  • Becker’s Hospital Review recognized LeanTaaS as a 150 top place to work in healthcare, on a list that showcases hospitals, health systems, and healthcare companies that promote diversity within the workforce, employee engagement, and professional growth.
  • LeanTaaS was a finalist for the 2022 SaaS Awards Best Product for Healthcare. A sister program to the Cloud Awards, founded in 2011, the SaaS Awards focus on recognizing excellence and innovation in software solutions. Categories range from Best Enterprise-Level SaaS to Best UX or UI Design in a SaaS Product. An extended article by LeanTaaS COO Sanjeev Agrawal on “How AI Optimizes Health System Capacity and Improves ROI” will appear in the near future.

Become part of the LeanTaaS vision for cohesive health systems

As LeanTaaS continues to grow, we are in turn looking to expand our team, which works virtually from all over the US. If you are interested in joining the mission to build “Better Healthcare Through Math”, please visit our Careers page.

For further updates on LeanTaaS wins, watch out for News. For webinars and case studies on how hospitals and health systems have successfully unlocked healthcare capacity with AI solutions, visit our Knowledge Center or browse iQueue customer Success Stories

We look forward to continuing to help achieve higher access to better care in 2023.

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