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An AI Leader at Novant Health Discusses Embracing the New Frontier in Healthcare


Eric Eskioglu
Eric Eskioglu, MD, FAANS, Neurosurgeon
Executive Vice President, Chief Medical & Scientific Officer Co-Director, Institute of Innovation and Artificial Intelligence, Novant Health


AI is the new frontier in healthcare. To succeed in a data-filled world, healthcare leaders must embrace AI-based solutions rather than relying on manual processes or restricted by the mediocrity of current technologies. AI’s ability to wade through large data sets is leading to quicker discoveries, reduced clinical errors, and improved provider and patient experience. AI is not just something that is transformative for the clinical decision process, the power of AI for Hospital Operations is equally if not more compelling. Covid has shown us the importance of managing day to day decision making processes a lot better with more predictive and prescriptive analytics and workflow tool.

Join Dr Eric Eskioğlu, Executive Vice President, Chief Medical and Scientific Officer and Co-Director of the Institute of Innovation and Artificial Intelligence at Novant Health to understand how they are looking at the frontiers in healthcare and how they are building an ecosystem in helping transform key aspects of their system.

Viewers of this webinar will be able to: 

  • Understand the benefits of applying AI in healthcare, such as improved discoveries and patient experience
  • Identify best practices for implementing AI in health systems, including stakeholder consensus-building and experimentation
  • Analyze AI’s role in operational and clinical excellence, reducing burnout, improving access and equity, and ensuring algorithmic fairness.


Created wait-free infusion appointments
Increased clinical time time for nurses by eliminating manual processes
Improved patient satisfaction through automated scheduling
AI also provides a more seamless in-person visit, such as a “waitless” IV infusion experience that has been made possible through LeanTaaS’ iQueue for Infusion Centers. Patients at Novant Health’s cancer care centers now use their iPhone, look at available times, and pick when they want to go to which chair, and just go without spending extra time in the waiting room. This has become a tremendous patient satisfier and has led to more consistent workflows for staff as patients tend to stick with the appointment they chose for themselves.
Dr. Eric Eskioğlu, MD, MBA
Neurosurgeon, Executive Vice President, Chief Medical & Scientific Officer and Co-Director, Institute of Innovation and Artificial Intelligence Novant Health

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