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iQueue for Infusion Centers Case Study – Oklahoma Cancer Specialists and Research Institute

Oklahoma Cancer Specialists and Research Institute (OCSRI) is a physician-owned group practice with more than 20 blood and cancer specialty physicians and 300 nurses and associates. OCSRI is a leader and patient-centric oncology institute providing renowned multidisciplinary care empowered by progressive clinical research. We are a team of specialists who provide personalized treatment, transparent counsel and advanced technology to deliver the most effective care possible.


  • Midday patient volume surges
  • Misaligned nurse staffing to daily patient appointment volume
  • Uneven cadence of appointment starts, leading to peaky chair utilization


iQueue for Infusion Centers was implemented at OCSRI’s Tulsa location at the height of COVID-19, and as a result they saw significant improvement in their daily completed patient volumes, wait times during peak hours and chair utilization metrics. OCSRI has increased patient access to care and better aligned nurse staffing with patient demand. Nearly two years later, OCSRI has continued to sustain the gains made immediately post iQueue implementation. OCSRI has also gained additional capacity that has helped cope with increased patient demand without having to hire additional nursing staff. Level loading the schedule throughout the day has also resulted in improved patient and staff experience.

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Increase in average daily completed volume
Increase in average daily completed patient hours
Decrease in average daily infusion wait time during 10am-2pm peak hours
Of patients wait less than 15 minutes during peak hours

What Our Customers are Saying

Our infusion department experienced improvements in patient workflow with the initial implementation of our scheduling template. We were able to slow down midday volume peaks and uneven volume surges throughout the day. As a result, the steady flow of patient arrivals throughout the day has provided more opportunities to cultivate the nurse/patient relationship.

Donna Reeder – OCSRI

Nurse Manager

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