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One mission, one team, many impacts: why we’re passionate about working for LeanTaaS

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At LeanTaaS, our mission is to transform healthcare operations and increase access through AI and machine learning software. We are passionate about building industry-leading technology to improve operational efficiency, patient flow, and the provider and patient experience in, to date, almost 700 hospitals in 182 health systems across the US. 

Our iQueue suite of AI-powered solutions help unlock capacity throughout the health system, in operating rooms, infusion centers, and inpatient areas. The solutions support and empower leaders, nurses, and staff to work efficiently, make informed decisions, and increase accessible patient care. Whatever our role, each of us dedicates our work to these outcomes every day.

“Working for LeanTaaS…allows me to pursue my passion for technology and marketing in a meaningful way,” says Xueyao Song, a Digital Marketing and Demand Generation Associate who joined LeanTaaS in December 2022 and has focused on the iQueue for Operating Rooms product. “It’s incredible to see how our company uses AI and technology to solve real-world challenges. Being part of a team that merges innovation and healthcare…is a chance to contribute to something bigger than myself and make a tangible difference in the lives of patients and healthcare providers.”

We asked several team members from across our organization about why they are passionate about working for LeanTaaS, where their passion for healthcare came from, and how they’re motivated in what they do today. Their answers show that despite our diversity in focus, skill, and background, we are still truly one team.

Leading up to LeanTaaS: the past healthcare experiences that motivate us today

“My first healthcare experience was actually at 13. I was a candy striper at the local hospital,” says Pamela Tobias, Director of Customer Success for the iQueue for Infusion Centers product. “Then I was lucky my college had a program that was a mix of business and healthcare.” Tobias discovered opportunities to help patients and providers while not having a hands-on medical role herself. “I loved learning about healthcare aspects like medicine, disease processes, while helping from behind the scenes — whether it was improving the services that were being offered, or negotiating with health insurers to get coverage for patients, or trying to improve the workflows to make life smoother for the caregivers. All those have been a part of the jobs that I’ve held throughout the field over the years.”

Tobias has found LeanTaaS, which she joined in December 2019, to be a means to continue shaping healthcare from “behind the scenes”.  

“I brought LeanTaaS and iQueue for Infusion Centers into my previous cancer center where we were able to reduce wait times for our patients and increase access. It was such a pleasure to work with and learn from them. Some of the smartest folks I’ve ever had the joy of working with were my contacts at LeanTaaS. Since I’ve had the opportunity to join the team, it’s been amazing. I get the joy of working with and helping infusion centers across the entire country.”

Senior Software Developer Nishat Khan, who started in July 2021 and works on both the iQueue for Inpatient Flow and OR products, had similar early career experiences that showed her the preciousness of time and other resources in healthcare. This has fueled her commitment to creating software that automates tasks, allowing doctors to be more efficient and provide better care.

“Back in undergrad doing electrical engineering and diving into Data Science, prior to working for healthcare professionally, I was working with doctors who were into research,” Nishat explains. “I learned early on that doctors don’t have a lot of time on their plate. They have a lot of patients all the time, like in the ED for example, and are always running short of beds and resources. We’re not replacing doctors at LeanTaaS. We’re helping them by writing software that could expedite and automate their tasks.”  

Meanwhile, Song has come to appreciate the impact of LeanTaaS’ contribution to healthcare efficiency in real time, particularly from a patient’s perspective. “As I’m getting older, I’m recognizing the significance of taking care of my health. One thing that’s been very challenging for me in the hospital is the long wait time…to see a doctor or other healthcare professional.”

A decrease in patient wait times is a frequently cited result from health systems who use iQueue to promote efficiency: iQueue for Infusion Centers in particular can cut wait times for patient appointments in half. “It’s frustrating and exhausting to wait, especially when you already are very concerned about your health,” Song says. Knowing firsthand that LeanTaaS solves this pain point has made her even “more passionate about the LeanTaaS mission and being part of the team.”  

What drives us now: collaboration, progress, and inspiration at LeanTaaS

Whatever their background, LeanTaaS team members are motivated in their work by the common goal of transforming healthcare. This manifests in a collaborative spirit as team members strive to produce better results together. Solution Marketing Manager David González, a healthcare technology veteran who has focused on iQueue for Inpatient Flow since January 2023, notes the power of working toward the shared goal of growing the impact of LeanTaaS across the healthcare industry.

“I see it in the meetings I have with colleagues every single week. It’s folks with different functions across our division. Even though all of us might have different KPIs being measured, everyone’s still working together for that same goal each and every week. We meet to evaluate how things are going, whether things we plan to do are working, and what we can do differently. It’s exciting to have everyone working together for that one common goal, seeing our impact increase month after month, quarter after quarter. It’s great to know our strategies are working.”

With the knowledge of what iQueue is achieving for health systems now, Khan is further inspired by what else she knows she can achieve in the future, and driven by opportunities for personal growth. “[At LeanTaaS] I have become highly sentient to the digitization of healthcare. Now, every time I step into a hospital or clinic, I keenly observe the tools and software being used to automate tasks. I take special note of how they ensure patient privacy in such digital systems. This heightened awareness continually fuels my commitment to enhance the way healthcare functions digitally…I’ve not only enhanced my technical abilities but gotten a profound understanding of the healthcare technology industry. It’s been challenging and rewarding, and I look forward to continuing to grow.” 

The results of our work: impact on LeanTaaS Customers

A huge key driver of the LeanTaaS team’s passion is seeing our work come to fruition and produce results for our customers, including performing between 30 and 50 additional cases per OR per year, generating $20,000 more annual revenue per infusion chair, and earning $10,000 per inpatient bed per year. Hearing our customers’ personal positive responses to iQueue puts these results into context and drives their impact home. 

“It’s not just the data that we’re looking at,” Tobias says. “It’s the improvements in the data in terms of the human experience. Our customers come to us and they say they’ve seen and felt the changes. Their nurses are happier. They’re relaying positive comments from the patients about their experiences. Those let you know you’ve achieved your mission.”

González also describes how “a customer did a presentation where she went through all of the benefits that everyone on her staff was experiencing [from iQueue]…everyone from senior leadership to floor supervisors to charge nurses to unit staff and directors. It was unanimous across the board on how people felt, which I feel is a rarity in healthcare. Top to bottom, everyone loved the iQueue system. It stuck with me, because she was able to list all the benefits to everyone from the C-level all the way down to the individual staff level, and how much they love the solution.”

“I take pride in contributing to a product that directly assists the healthcare workforce,” Khan adds. “The product we developed plays a crucial role in streamlining hospital operations.” 

The ongoing positive feedback and results continue to encourage us and stoke our passion in our work every day. 

“To really enjoy your work or love your company, you have to believe in the product,” Song says. “I believe in iQueue. It’s actually making a contribution to the healthcare industry, and to real people, patients, and providers. That’s why I really love working here.”

To learn more about LeanTaaS’ mission and view opportunities to join us, visit our Careers page.

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