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Breaking Through Healthcare’s Operational Barriers via Internal & External Partnerships


Sanjeev Agrawal (NEW)
Sanjeev Agrawal
President & Chief Operating Officer, LeanTaaS
Patrick McGill
Patrick McGill, MD
EVP, Chief Transformation Officer, Community Health Network


Reducing workflow friction in healthcare has become a vital part of the delivery of value based care. Coordinated patient throughput is vital to efficient management of the hospital and quality care delivery. Inpatient bed capacity and elective surgical case backlogs took center stage during the pandemic, but for many who work in hospital operations, optimization of the patients journey through a health system has been a decades old challenge even during ‘normal times’.

Dr. McGill will discuss why the adoption of data and advanced analytics is imperative for health systems, how digital technologies are impacting the use of expensive healthcare assets such as operating rooms, nursing staff, and surgeons time, and the need to do so in a manner that reduces friction without placing additional burdens on the healthcare providers and workers.


Understand the importance of adopting data and advanced analytics in healthcare operations to improve patient experience and reduce workflow friction.
Gain insights into the challenges of implementing digital technologies in healthcare operations and how to overcome them.
Learn strategies for building internal and external partnerships to advance healthcare operations and achieve operational excellence.

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