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University of Utah Health Collaboration and Innovation to Maximize Operating Room Utilization, for a 10% Increase in Prime Time Utilization After Four Months


Joe Falk
Joe Falk
Senior Business Operations Director, University of Utah Health
Laura Russell
Laura Russell
Manager of Business Operations, University of Utah Health


Academic medical centers, particularly in urban environments, can struggle to balance the demand for operating room time between their main medical center and satellite locations. The University of Utah Health (UoU Health), a regional academic health care system comprising five hospitals and 11 neighborhood health centers, had to accommodate a quickly growing population in metro areas as well as a post-COVID surgical case backlog. To do so by allowing for more same-day, outpatient procedures, UoU Health invested in ambulatory surgical care (ASC) locations. 

In this session, join the UoU Health’s Senior Business Operations Director and Manager of Business Operations to learn how their collaborative incentive program motivated surgeons to release more time and operate more efficiently at two new ambulatory surgical center locations that opened with minimal engagement and surgeon interest. With the support of LeanTaaS’ AI-powered iQueue for Operating Rooms solution to promote surgeon incentives, provide easy tools to release time, and show utilization data, the UoU Health grew utilization at the ASC locations, and thus opened higher surgical capacity, within months. 

Hear how UoU Health began building their collaborative incentive program by assessing the landscape of their new locations, identified key stakeholders to participate in their utilization programs, and determined the most useful metrics to measure their success. 

Viewers of this webinar will be able to: 

  • Identify new stakeholder collaboration opportunities at their own healthcare organization  
  • Generate creative solutions for improving operational efficiency at the local level for health system-level gains
  • Develop, execute, and evaluate a suitable program framework to achieve their goals


5%Improvement in block utilization within one month of implementation
10%Improvement in prime time utilization within four months of implementation
Why use iQueue for operating rooms? It’s really simple for the users. It’s a simple process, a web-based application. We have global access across our system, so there's no limit to the number of users…There’s minimal steps to release the time. It’s really quick and easy.
Laura Russell
Manager of Business Operations, University of Utah Health

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