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KLAS Research Insight: LeanTaaS Scores 96.5/100 as a Strong Healthcare Technology Partner


Niel Oscarson
Niel Oscarson
Research Director KLAS Research
Ashley Walsh 2022
Ashley Walsh
SVP of Client Services, iQueue for Operating Rooms


As hospitals and health systems are seeking to adopt AI and machine learning technologies in order to improve their delivery of value based care, they are increasingly exploring innovative yet proven ways of leveraging these technologies to improve operational, and not just clinical, performance. Operational improvement enables optimal use of resources, empowers staff efficiency, increases patient access, and reduces costs and grows revenue overall. 

But with so many emerging technologies in this space, how can healthcare organizations cut through all the noise, marketing, promises, and proposals to choose which technologies to “make versus buy” and which potential technology partners will provide their organization the most value?

In this session, join Niel Oscarson, Research Director at KLAS Research and Ashley Walsh, Vice President of Client Services at LeanTaaS (iQueue for Operating Rooms) as they discuss key considerations for health systems seeking to adopt AI based operational capacity and utilization tools. They will also review the results of KLAS’ recently conducted survey of 20 healthcare managers and leaders across 16 unique health systems, including LeanTaaS’ impressive scores as a technology and change management partner for its perioperative solutions.  

LeanTaaS achieved 100% KLAS scores for “Keeps all promises,” “Part of long term plans,” “Will buy again, ” and “Avoids Nickel-and-Diming.” 

Viewers of this webinar will be able to: 

  • Identify the key considerations for healthcare organizations when evaluating AI-based operational capacity and utilization tools, such as investment in product and depth of market experience
  • Understand the importance of identifying key performance indicators for assessing the performance of SaaS companies in the market, particularly emerging solutions
  • Gain insights into how to calculate and understand the return on investment for SaaS solutions, specifically in the context of AI-based operational capacity and utilization tools


96.5/100Score for LeanTaaS, compared to a 80.9 average score of the 378 KLAS surveyed software solutions
100%of LeanTaaS customers surveyed have achieved all expected outcomes
95%of LeanTaaS customers see outcomes either immediately or within 6 months
We can clearly see the operational and financial impact of LeanTaaS’ system on our success. Within the first year, our actual ROI was multiple times higher than what I projected it to be. We get a lot more from iQueue for Operating Rooms than what was proposed to us. We have increased our OR utilization, release time, and revenue.
LeanTaaS Customer and KLAS Survey Respondent
Business Office

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