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Unlocking Surgical Volume: Strategies for Improving OR Capacity through Data-Driven Decisions


Matt Shields_Memorial Hermann
Matthew Shields
Director of Hospital Operations, Memorial Hermann TMC
Huralain Lakku_Memorial Hermann
Huralain Lakku
Manager of Hospital Operations, Memorial Hermann TMC


Knowing how and where to allocate block time is a notoriously challenging problem to solve for perioperative leaders. Time in the operating room (OR) is a finite resource, and nearly every surgeon leader has a need for additional block time. Even when surgical service lines or surgeons receive requested block time, underutilization is common while simultaneously OR access is limited.  Traditional block allocation practices based on historical or flawed data rather than actual demand contribute to the disconnect between block time and utilization.  

Join Memorial Hermann TMC’s Director and Manager of Hospital Operations to learn how leveraging the power of AI-driven technology empowered them to break through block allocation barriers and unlock OR access through data-driven insights.  

Learning Objectives:

  • Discuss common challenges with allocating OR block time and managing OR access for surgeons.
  • Explain how traditional block allocation practices relying on historical or flawed data can lead to underutilization and limited OR access. 
  • Demonstrate how leveraging AI-driven analytics and data-driven insights can optimize block time allocation and improve OR access and utilization.


4%Relative increase in case volume
12%Relative increase in staffed room utilization
13%Relative increase in block utilization

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