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Unlocking Value in the OR: How Cone Health Harnessed Prescriptive Analytics to Create and Maximize Open OR Time, for Record 78% Staffed Room Utilization


Wayne McFatter
Wayne McFatter
Executive Director of Perioperative Services, Cone Health
Sharon McCarter
Sharon McCarter
Executive Director of Perioperative Services, Cone Health


Operating rooms across the country face the challenge of heavily blocked surgery schedules. These stifle growth prospects for surgeons who do not have block time and limit flexibility for perioperative leaders to run efficient ORs. 

Open, unassigned OR time not only offers more opportunity for additional surgeons to access the OR, but also gives OR leaders a clear, direct view into which rooms will go unused and where resources could be repurposed. An accessible source of data, powered by advanced analytics, is key to providing both this visibility and a means for stakeholders to take effective action on it. 

Join Cone Health’s Executive Directors of Perioperative Services as they outline the tools they rely on to create more open time across their system, including LeanTaaS’ AI-powered solution iQueue for Operating Rooms. In this presentation, the two leaders discuss fostering surgeon-led initiatives to alter block schedules based on dynamic data, and share their successes using cloud-based analytics to address the pressing resource challenges currently facing all OR leaders.

Viewers of this webinar will be able to: 

  • Demonstrate the value of open OR time and explore methods to unlock more open OR time
  • Identify data-driven tools used to manage resource challenges and balance surgical volume across a multi-hospital system
  • Develop strategies to improve OR Utilization using prescriptive and predictive analytics


78%Staffed room utilization
20%Increase in volume in one surgery center
77Hours of OR time per day requested across Cone’s 5 largest facilities
A great example…at one of our hospitals, the trust in [the iQueue Exchange module] to find OR time is tremendous. That hospital has shown dramatic growth in the use of iQueue to find these cases and put them on, and their staff utilization has grown…seeing levels unheard of at that center.”
Wayne McFatter
Executive Director of Perioperative, Services Cone Health

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