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Using Technology to Address the Healthcare Workforce Shortage in Hospitals


Robert RIney
Robert Riney
President and CEO Henry Ford Health
Ashis Barad
Ashis Barad
Chief Digital Officer Allegheny Health Network


Healthcare workforce shortages were a long-running challenge for nurse leaders, surgical and anesthesia chairs, and administrators even before the COVID-19 pandemic. The downstream effects of pandemic exacerbated these shortages and made staffing even more unpredictable, an issue which still continues for many health systems today. 

To address this, health systems must find low-cost ways to empower and optimize the staff they already have, and to deploy those staffing resources proactively and with the highest possible impact. Many health system leaders are already innovating ways to achieve this by applying leading-edge technology, including predictive analytics and AI. 

In this session, learn how technology can be used to support the existing healthcare workforce and address staffing shortages. Hear from the President and CEO of Henry Ford Health and the Chief Digital Officer of Allegheny Health Network as they discuss areas and roles where staffing and coverage challenges are greatest, strategies to alleviate staff burnout, and the role of AI tools in addressing staffing shortages. Participants will also hear feedback and questions from healthcare colleagues and explore the potential of technology to improve efficiencies in daily workflows.

Viewers of this webinar will be able to: 

  • Identify specific areas and roles where staffing and coverage challenges are greatest and strategies to alleviate staff burnout
  • Learn about the role of AI tools in addressing staffing shortages and improving efficiencies in daily workflows
  • Discuss feedback from healthcare colleagues on adopting technology applied to efficiencies
  • Explore the potential of technology as a solution to address staffing shortages in their own organizations


Better access to and navigation of the health system.
Improved experience for both nurses and patients.
Trusted data that provides truly actionable insights.
For patients that actually get a choice of appointment through an electronic means, they feel a sense of ownership because they've made that appointment. And no-shows and cancellations are much smaller in that group.
Robert Riney
President and CEO, Henry Ford Health

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