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iQueue for Infusion Centers Case Study – Hartford HealthCare Cancer Institute

The Hartford HealthCare Cancer Institute provides access to care at seven hospitals, nine medical oncology practices and 13 infusion centers in communities throughout Connecticut. Hartford HealthCare diagnoses and/or treats nearly 8,000 new cancer cases each year.


  • Appointments were not appropriately load-leveled throughout the day, especially during the midday peak hours
  • Coordinating infusion visits with clinics were challenging to schedule
  • Add-on patients are difficult to schedule
  • At times there were long patient wait times in infusion centers
  • Nurse workload not balanced


Over the span of 18 months, iQueue was implemented at HHC’s 180 infusion center beds. As a result of iQueue for Infusion Centers, HHC achieved an increase in average completed volume while utilizing existing resources, a decrease in both drug and infusion wait times, and an overall positive impact on nursing workflows




Decrease in average wait time
Increase in average daily completed volumes
Decrease in average scheduling lead days

What Our Customers are Saying

I don’t think I’ve done an overbook so far. This has had a very positive impact on our infusion centers, our staff and our patients.

Sydney Wasterman – Hartford HealthCare Cancer Institute

Lead Scheduler

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