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Using AI to Innovate Hospital Operations and Support the Healthcare Workforce


ENT Session 3_Craig_Richardville_Intermountain
Craig Richardville
MBA, CHCIO Chief Digital and Information Officer Intermountain Health
ENT Session 3_Elizabeth_(Liz)_Popwell, MPA, FACHE, PMP Stony Brook Medicine
Elizabeth Popwell
MPA, FACHE, PMP Chief Strategy and Transformation Officer Stony Brook Medicine
Ashley Walsh
MHA VP, Client Services, iQueue for Operating Rooms & Inpatient Beds LeanTaaS


The use of AI and machine learning technologies is rapidly increasing in healthcare, with many leaders recognizing their potential as a key element in their innovation and growth strategies. Through the use of AI, innovation and digital strategy leaders are optimizing healthcare operations by reducing manual processes and digitizing workflows, thereby enabling their organizations to save significant time and preserve scarce resources. This transformative technology is poised to play a crucial role in ensuring the success of healthcare systems in the emerging “Age of AI.”

In this session, leaders from Intermountain Health and Stony Brook Medicine share the innovations they have undertaken in their organization to discover the most powerful ways to deploy AI to improve healthcare operations and empower the workforce. With extensive history as healthcare technology innovators, Elizabeth Popwell MPA, FACHE, PMP (Chief Strategy and Transformation Officer Stony Brook Medicine) and Craig Richardville, MBA, CHCIO (Chief Digital and Information) draw on their insights from their experiences helping healthcare evolve from an industry that ran on technology to one that embraced and expanded it. LeanTaaS’ Ashley Walsh, VP of Client Services for iQueue for Operating Rooms, leads the conversation on ongoing progress with healthcare AI. 

Learn what characteristics make healthcare leaders effective collaborators with technology partners, as well as technology innovators in their own right, and the immediate value of AI in practice for healthcare organizations. 

Viewers of this webinar will be able to: 

  • Describe the potential of AI and machine learning to optimize healthcare operations through automation and digitization
  • Assess best practices for healthcare leaders to effectively collaborate with technology partners and drive AI adoption within their organizations
  • Apply strategies for deploying AI to innovate workflows and empower the healthcare workforce


Mitigate healthcare staffing shortages and increase prime time utilization
Streamline clinical staffing
Harness data with low IT lift
Those who can really leverage the technology and think about how to use it in an appropriate, ethical way, are going to continue to help lead the innovation curve.
Elizabeth Popwell, MPA, FACHE, PMP
Chief Strategy and Transformation Officer, Stony Brook Medicine

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